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Send Your Friends Glitter

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

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To Place an Order

1. Simply Click the “Get It Now” Button

2. Select Size of Glitterbomb you want to send.

3. Click the “Pay Now With PayPal” Button

4. In the NOTES section enter the ADDRESS of who the Glitter Bomb is going to, any MESSAGE you wish to convey and Do You Want the Glitter Bomb to be ANONYMOUS or SIGNED.

5. Enter your payment information.

Presto Magico Your Glitter Bomb Order is placed.

You will be sent an order confirmation prior to shipment to verify recipients mailing address and message information.

Please read it to ensure we send it the way that you intend it.

*Due to the time and cost invovled in creating and sending your greetings, Send Your Friends Glitter will not be responsible for incorrectly submitted address information. To avoid errors in sending please read the confirmation email to verify the information submitted is correct and notify us immediately if it is not. Your order will be shipped within 3 business days according to the PayPal order information if you do not respond to the email confirmation.

Incorrectly submitted address information can be changed withing 2 business days of placing your order. All orders are shipped within 3 business days from date of payment unless otherwise stipulated. To request an address change please do so in writing to the SYFG email address. sendyourfriendsglitter@gmail.com and we’ll make sure you get taken care of.

Your Customized Glitter Bomb will go out within 3 business days unless otherwise requested.

Glitter Bombs Prices Include shipping & handling

Small – $14.99 CA. plus applicable taxes

Large – $24.99 CA. plus applicable taxes

Custom Orders also available – Please email us with your request and we will quote you.

Do you prefer the days of nostalgia? Something less glitzy but equally as wondrous in it’s ability to multiply and divide?

CONFETTI! Yes… confetti bombs can also be ordered for $14.99 CA plus tax.                                                          

*All you have to do is write “TREE HUGGER” in the notes section of your order form and we will send your intended target a pile of 100% recycled paper Confetti!

(There’s a reason why the churches banned that crap too you know)

We Do Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs

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Send Your Friends Glitter is:

a product of our environment.


email us at: sendyourfriendsglitter@gmail.com


Refund Policy : Due to the high volume of orders and processing time SYFG does not issue refunds.

All refund inquiries will be met with an untimely glitter blast…


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Regardless of the size of glitter surprise you order, it's always within budget.


Send your friends or enemy your name, or remain completely anonymous! It's up to you.


We send a custom note with every glitter bomb, so let them know how you feel!