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Why Glitter?

As digital communications have taken the forefront acting as a multi faceted convenience, everything from banking, schedules and business is now done via electronic device. Most people seem to keep in touch with family and friends through texting and social media. While there is a definite source of enjoyment in viewing and sharing photos, playing […]

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The World Needs More Glitter Love

It seems no matter which way a body turns these days somebody always seems to have a hate on for somebody else, somewhere. The news is a bummer which makes the world feel like a bummer and pretty soon everybody is on a bummer. We deem this not cool, at all and claim glitter to […]

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October 11th 2015 is National Coming Out Day ~ Celebrate With Glitter

  What better way to tell friends and family that you’re gay than through the wondrously charming medium of glitter! Make one of the most important days in your life memorable with wonderful glitter greetings telling everyone that you’re coming out!         OR Send a glitter greeting to someone you know who […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Send Someone Glitter

    TOP 10 REASONS TO SEND YOUR FRIENDS GLITTER TOP 10 REASONS TO GLITTERBOMB SOMEBODY It’s their birthday and you want them to sparkle! You want to tell someone you love them in a way they will remember. You have something to say and don’t know how to say it. You have GREAT […]

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The Ethics Behind The Glitterbomb

Glitter Bomb…  O’ blessed glee when the envelope opens and out comes the note bursting in full glitter madness and mayhem and the recipient true to human nature too curious to not finish opening the folded note to see what’s written inside. A personalized or anonymous message and or a related picture depicting the sentiment […]

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Send a Valentines Day Glitter Gram! ( Red & Pink glitter bomb)

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Why A Name and Address Are Handy for Sending Glitter Bombs to Friends and Enemies

Ok. So we know it’s Shitruary. The mind numbing month of winter madness gone amuck. You see our site and think, “I’d like to send that crazy f!@# over in laughganitzstan a glitter bomb he won’t soon forget!” It’s obvious you’ve been drinking or smoked that bud you got from your brother’s friend’s buddy which […]

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Why Shipping Glitter to Your Enemies, Friends and the Occasional Stranger is Therapeutic and Good Karma

Why Shipping Glitter to Your Enemies, Friends and the Occasional Stranger is Therapeutic and Good Karma  Glitter; Jupitor’s moons, Cupid’s arrows and joyful magic. Or UGH Glitter…gawdammit!!!  Glitter is always full of surprises resulting in laughs… lots of laughs for someone. Bubonic blue, apocalypse red, rainbow massacre, glitterbomb mania reserved for those who choose to […]

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Welcome to Send Your Friends Glitter

Welcome to Send Your Friends Glitter. We’re a new glitter sending service based in Canada that aims to bring the joys of receiving glitter bombs to everyone all over the world. Send your friends, foes and enemies, co-workers, family, really anyone you can think of, a glitter bomb with our awesome and affordable service. We have numerous sizes […]

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