Why A Name and Address Are Handy for Sending Glitter Bombs to Friends and Enemies

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

Ok. So we know it’s Shitruary. The mind numbing month of winter madness gone amuck. You see our site and think, “I’d like to send that crazy f!@# over in laughganitzstan a glitter bomb he won’t soon forget!” It’s obvious you’ve been drinking or smoked that bud you got from your brother’s friend’s buddy which is why you are shopping for glitter in the first place. So you select the size glitter bomb you want to send, hit the payment button and enter your payment details with delivery instructions so vague that we have to consult google psychics to find out if the place exists within our solar system.

Then comes the email… usually to the wrong email address. ” I’m not know for what I doing” “Maybe sign from gods not to send…”  

“…. you think?”

This tye of user error will not result in a refund but we will laugh extra hard as we ask about alternative choices… and the fortunate person making the querie may be subject to a random glitter bomb… just saying.

Addresses are super cool. They tend to narrow it down for the postal service for accurate delivery. It also helps if the envelope has the intended recipient’s name on it thus eliminating the wrong person being glitter bombed. Proper address information is kind of handy that way. By checking the lucky recipient’s shipping information your glitter bomb will actually land where it is supposed to!

The other thing to quickly consider is message if any and your wish for anonymity or not. We can easily put together a hahahohoheehee for those short on words or English. No problemo. Glitter is as universal as flagrant silliness!

Seriously, it’s not a lot to expect… You must be thith thmart to ride thith ride and WOT a great ride it is!

There is no better Glitter bomb service anywhere on earth. We’ve been glitter bombing – blasting, world wide since before days of The Pony Express.  We’ve got this.

…and we’re Canadian… not sourced out cheap Chinese slave labour. Our glitter bombs are humanitarian, politically groovy and put together by consenting adults.

All inquiries are welcome but we won’t feel bad if the dumb folk go to the competiton and receive the gift of customer service from Jiangsu.

Orders??? Oh Rah www.sendyourfriendsglitter.com

Questions??? Always with the questions! Ok. Email us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We’re cool that way. Email us at – sendyourfriendsglitter@gmail.com

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