October 11th 2015 is National Coming Out Day ~ Celebrate With Glitter

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!



What better way to tell friends and family that you’re gay than through the wondrously charming medium of glitter!
Make one of the most important days in your life memorable with wonderful glitter greetings telling everyone that you’re coming out!





Send a glitter greeting to someone you know who is coming out and show support for their happiness!






Visit us at sendyourfriendsglitter.com and have a shining day!

A personalized message will be created and folded into a great greeting card and filled with a rainbow assortment of novelty glitters, sparkles and fairy dust.
We do glitter bomb greeting services for all occasions.
Signed from you or Send Anonymously
We never tell!

Send Your Friends Glitter Provides World Wide ServiceĀ 
Fast ~ Friendly ~ Affordable
Glitter is fun for Everyone!

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