Why Shipping Glitter to Your Enemies, Friends and the Occasional Stranger is Therapeutic and Good Karma

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

Why Shipping Glitter to Your Enemies, Friends and the Occasional Stranger is Therapeutic and Good Karma 

Glitter; Jupitor’s moons, Cupid’s arrows and joyful magic. Or UGH Glitter…gawdammit!!!  Glitter is always full of surprises resulting in laughs… lots of laughs for someone.

Bubonic blue, apocalypse red, rainbow massacre, glitterbomb mania reserved for those who choose to make themselves very, very unpopular.  Often referred to as the herpes of the craft world and dreaded like the plague the common bloke cannot bear to deal with glitter on any level and the idea of getting any on them is worse than leprosy.

Other’s considerably less uptight view it as a whimsical twinkling moment scattered into a flash of time…. usually called fun. Whether you want to wax poetically or lay down a flagrant barrage there is no arguing that glitter is an extremely effective communication device. So what could the herpes of the craft world have to offer? Well, how about this? It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Remember that dirtbag landlord, ex anything ie: sweetheart, boss, friend, shitty neighbour, city counsellor, local and federal politicians; fill in the blank____________.   Imagine the endless parade of dirtbags that would do well to be glitter bombed at least once.

All douchebaggery aside there are a million and one reasons why glitter is so much more than an expression of fully liberated disenchantment. Any holiday, any celebrated personality trait, and personal, silly or random reason is good enough to spend a few bucks and send someone an unexpected envelope full of pure sparkling, glittering joy. Say “ I think you’re totally happening;” with glitter! Nothing says Happy Birthday, Happy New Year or Happy Coming Out of the Closet like a rainbow blast of glitter.

Glitter… the dust of wayward fairies, how light looks when it laughs, those magical shining molecules dividing and multiplying into months of glimmering reminders.  Those boneheads whose sense of humour have no other reason to believe glitter is nothing more than the long dark eternally humming Hoover bummer of the decade… that travels… always need a spontaneous glitterblast experience to enlighten them as to the true workings of the just universe and the laws of karma.

Happy people are happy glitter people. Feel free to send tons; they love glitter!!

Glitter will always turn up on a cheek or in an eyebrow, during a first date, job interview, AA meeting, you name it and surprise!  That conspicuous glimmer of glittering glee twinkling like a satisfied grin… The all knowing grin of knowing why the F!@#ing glitter?

Haha hoho heehee. Now that’s a cheap ticket for a lasting show! Oh RAH!

Until next time, Chant & be Happy, Folks!


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