The Ethics Behind The Glitterbomb

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

Glitter Bomb…  O’ blessed glee when the envelope opens and out comes the note bursting in full glitter madness and mayhem and the recipient true to human nature too curious to not finish opening the folded note to see what’s written inside. A personalized or anonymous message and or a related picture depicting the sentiment attached to the glitterbomb.

Now, while the sentiment behind the usual glitter bomb is often jovial, affectionate and charmingly mischievous there are times when disenchantment has run it’s course and something must be done in the way of air born glitter and other novelty shiney stuff exploding all over hells half acres and back thereby making it almost humanly impossible to escape with anything less than complete coverage from the elbows down and for about a 20′ diameter beyond that and possibly miles around in smaller increments… for weeks and weeks and weeks… and weeks… giving the recipient something to remember fondly or reflect upon …at least minimally.

The intent behind a happy go lucky, surprise glitter bombing is much different than that held in the clouds of bummerdom following a disgruntled glitter bomb.  It’s easy to send someone something shiney and fun but there is a trick to sending a glitter bomb which wishes the recipient to acknowledge that it is the opinion of at least one person that they best serve out their remaining lifespan as a pack mule toting coffee beans for Pinocchio Valdez. The true effectiveness of such a message lies in the level of humor saturated tact that is required to avoid becoming nominated for the “Congratulations, you just became a bigger anus than the one you’re pointing out” award, and thus, potentially receiving a sound karmic glitter bombing in return.

It’s awesome to express oneself and strongly encouraged but for the intelligent glitter bomber; it’s all in the delivery and a clever dose of silliness can truly say it all.

Go ahead, say it, send it, act it out; with glitter!

Oh, and by the way, you don’t need a specific reason to send a glitter bomb; just a name and address!


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