Why Glitter?

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

As digital communications have taken the forefront acting as a multi faceted convenience, everything from banking, schedules and business is now done via electronic device. Most people seem to keep in touch with family and friends through texting and social media. While there is a definite source of enjoyment in viewing and sharing photos, playing games and messaging, these platforms lack the true personal essence human relations has historically thrived upon.
Send Your Friends Glitter plays a delightful role in connecting people through custom-made glitter greeting cards and glitter bombs. A vestige to the past and simpler times in a sense, when the mail was much more intriguing to receive, often including greeting cards, hand written letters, photos, token gifts and various bits of ephemera. These correspondences were often more highly prized than material wealth, saved for years to come as cherished memories and sometimes taken as far as the grave. However, in current times when schedules are as overcrowded as a Beijing subway during Monday rush hour not many people have the time and energy to sit down and pen off a letter much less fill it with post able memorabilia. That’s where the easy to use service at Send Your Friends Glitter comes in. Clients visit the website and enter the name and address information of the recipient(s) they wish to have their greetings sent to as well as their messages and the only thing they need to do after that is read their confirmation email to acknowledge the details were received correctly. Once that is completed the personalized message is then created, often with humorous matching graphics and printed off on quality paper. It is then folded into an appropriately suitable greeting card which is adorned in theme stickers and filled with 30 – 60 grams of fine fairy dust, coloured glitter and sparkling shapes before being tightly sealed and sent off in a cheerful looking envelope to its destination where it is received with surprise and laughter and remembered with pleasure for years to come.
Of all things that you could send to someone, why glitter? We could say that glitter is the echo of a thousand fairies laughing, the wishes of a whole galaxy of stars landing on the floor in front of you, magic of the moonlight twinkling on your lap, but really it all boils down to good old fashioned fun with a possible hint at mischief. Whether the reason is an occasion to celebrate or a karmic reminder, who doesn’t love a full order of mirth with a side of playful tomfoolery? The services at Send Your Friends Glitter offer ease for today’s busiest folks using digital means to an old fashioned end that is friendly, convenient and affordable while being completely unique to the greetings industry. No matter what the occasion, reason or inspiration there may be for sending messages and wishes there is no other way of having a more individually personalized or colourful greeting created anywhere else in the world.
Visit www.sendyourfriendsglitter.com to experience it yourself!


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