The World Needs More Glitter Love

Send anyone, anywhere in the world, glitter. Friend? Foe? Relative? Make someone special laugh or cry - just send them glitter!

It seems no matter which way a body turns these days somebody always seems to have a hate on for somebody else, somewhere. The news is a bummer which makes the world feel like a bummer and pretty soon everybody is on a bummer. We deem this not cool, at all and claim glitter to be one of the wondrous antedotes that can help with the big bummer situation out there. It’s easy to send an envelope filled with hateful words and craft sparkles and create more negativity in the world but it is fulfilling to reach out to someone near or far with a kind word in a spontaneous magical gesture with a unique card filled in which a personal message, fairy dust and glitter are placed and mailed before becoming what could very well be a life long memory of your thoughtfulness and kindness toward them.

Too many things go unsaid that really should be said while too many things get said that would have been better unsaid so in order to get a grip on this proverbal negativity and bring the good vibrations up we recommend glitter therapy because the only bomb that should ever be dropped is a glitterbomb.

Make someone’s day and possibly even life better simply by sending them an encouraging, loving, funny or heart felt message. Make it even more interesting by doing it anonymously as a pay it forward moment. Every glitterbomb sent out will make you feel great too and create a momentum in feelings of well being and healthy levity. The world is ready to witness love for one another within humanity. Glitter is the path that leads to that light.

No matter how much seaweed and organic tofu a person eats nothing creates great health like great feelings resulting from a tiny bit of generosity with translates into great kindnesses.

Tell someone how you feel today and enjoy how that makes you feel in return.


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